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Welcome to Beaded Arts! Be sure to check our about us page for our new address as we are moving between Oct. 15th and Nov. 1, 2016. We hope you enjoy browsing our eclectic collection of beads, books, tools and findings. If you are looking for the OLD VENETIAN WHITE HEARTS, click here. If you are looking for our store location, see the about us page.
If you don't see what you are looking for, come back! Only about 20% of our present inventory is up right now, so new things are going to appear on a regular basis. And feel free do contact us if you have any questions.
Shipping starts at just $5.00 and it's just 10 cents per additional item after that. It probably won't be much. But, just to take the sting out of it, we are giving FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $50 for our U.S. customers.
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Beading Hoops - 47mm
Beading Hoops - 47mm

Little Beaded Boxes - Julia S. Pretl
Little Beaded Boxes - Julia S. Pretl

Light Olivine Picasso Gemcuts 6 x 4 mm
Light Olivine Picasso Gemcuts 6 x 4 mm

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